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It is a Water heater that works directly with solar energy and does not require electricity or gas or a source of energy than the sun, which means a total saving of electricity or gas bill.
Featuring the solar heater that it is from third-generation and German technology works by vacuum glass tubes technology that heat water , prevent rust, and prevent being broken as well as not being affected by external temp... It also provides heating the water up to 95 C most of the year.
It's placed above the roofs of the buildings and does not need a place in the bath nor the kitchen.
very safe and a friend of the environment and does not produce any sound or noise during its process.
Solar heater is with a very long life span up to more than twenty years.
warranty for a full five years
Capacity: 150 liters
Dimensions: 170*105*165 cm
Material: Stainless steel

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